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The Easy In, Easy Out Trading Strategy

The EIEO strategy is a step by step guide on how to execute and manage positions using 1 easy to learn price action pattern & concept.
I am not trying to sell you the idea of becoming a good trader or the idea of success. I am selling you a repeatable, actionable process.

This guide, from start to finish, is a compilation of over 5 years of hard work and dedication. Although the steps for the EIEO are mechanical & easy to follow, there is no replacement for chart time. Remember, ALL I have done for years is trade this 1 pattern.

The entire strategy is fractal in nature. So, although I predominately trade the setup on the 1 - 5min timeframes, it can also be used on the daily or even weekly timeframe in the exact same way.
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The price action syllabus explains all core concepts along with detailed instructions on execution. This includes multiple detailed PDF guides, video tutorials & chart explanations. All concepts covered in the strategy you can actually use in a live trading environment. There is not a single piece if "wishy washy" content.


ALL financial markets & products are manipulated in order to achieve 2 main objectives. The first being the creation of a liquid market & the second being to fill orders for high priority market participants (Institutions). The EIEO strategy will enable you to be able to read the manipulation and execute accordingly.


No matter where price lies, or how violently a chart is trending, there will always be an underlying objective that price is moving towards. The EIEO strategy explains in detail, exactly what these objectives are, why price is seeking them and how you can react once they're met.


Every concept that is covered inside the strategy is coupled with a step by step process on exactly how to use it. Not only do I explain how to use each concept individually, I show you exactly how to combine ALL of the concepts into a repeatable, sustainable step by step process. Analysis, Execution & Management. 


One massive point that I will always make is that if you do not have statistics to back your process and strategy, you are gambling, not trading. This is why I have included multiple sets of back tested & LIVE forward tested data to accompany the strategy. Not only that, I have also included live video backtesting sessions & tutorials on how you can also backtest.

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